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Truck Service and Repair


„Ferikas“ service provides high-quality repair services for heavy vehicles such as trucks, tow trucks, buses and various rescue vehicles. The accumulated long experience of more than twenty years makes it possible to carry out work quickly and reliably so that the machine can be on track working as quickly as possible. The service range covers a wide range of services, from the smallest of repairs or fixings, to body straightening and painting. Service are constantly being refined and optimized to provide ever better services that are valued by regular customers. “Ferikas” has one of the largest supplies of used parts in the Baltic States, so we offer a wide selection of parts for repairs that do not require time for their delivery. We specialize in supplying and repairing vehicle parts for European truck manufacturers.

It is not always possible to anticipate and anticipate breakdowns or accidents and to be ready for it. “Ferikas” is ready always and we can help get the truck out of the scene of the accident and provide quick service. If you need to return a truck, tow truck or other heavy vehicle to the road – contact us.



"Ferikas" carries out the following works at its truck bodywork repair shop:

- repair of lorries, trucks, buses, semi-trailers, bodyworks for various uses, special techniques after traffic accidents,
- measurement of geometry and alignment of frames and bodyworks,
- paint spraying of lorries, trucks, buses, semi-trailers and minibuses.

We cooperate with all insurance companies. We prepare and coordinate repair estimates.

At our specialised truck service we repair vehicles after traffic accidents. To perform repair works, we offer a wide range of used vehicle parts from our disassembled trucks and lorries. Certified Swedish ‘JOSAM’ equipment is used to align truck frames and cabins. We also carry out geometry restoration, preparation and colouring works.

The following repair works are also performed:

- current repair,
- chassis (suspension) repair,
- cooling system repair,
- hydraulic system installation and repair,
- fuel tank installation,
- spring, air bag replacement etc.

All of our work is guaranteed.

At the request of the client, we can transport a defective or crashed vehicle to our repair shop.

To find out more about our repair services:

Tel. / Fax: +370 37 328135
Mob /: +370 612 47998


Our work

Straightening of the cab after a traffic accident
  • Measurement of geometry and alignmentof the truck cab damaged in a traffic accident, then the cab has been repainted, reassembled, and remounted on the frame, and the broken glass has been replaced with a new one.
Repair of Volvo FMX 6X4 after a traffic accident

Repair of a container truck damaged in a traffic accident:

Structural frame alignment and straightening, mounting and repainting of a new cab, installation of trim parts, preparation for operation of the truck.

Repair of a special-purpose truck, MAN TGL 8.210, after a traffic accident

Straightening and restoration of the frame.

Repair of the accident-damaged back wall of the cab, and paint spraying of the repaired components.

Full disassembling and repair of the special-purpose upper compartment including water tank, pumps and other special rescue equipment. Replacement of damaged portions of the aluminium frame with a new profile, and repair, or replacement of other components and appliances of the upper compartment.

Full assembly and preparation for operation of the truck.

DAF XF 106, 2019m. remontas po autoįvykio
MAN TGX savivartis, 2011m.
DAF 105, 2012m remontas po autoįvykio
Mercedes-Benz MP4, 2012m po autoįvykio
Mercedes-Benz, MP4, 2015m. rėmo lyginimas
Iveco Eurocargo, 2013m. remontas po autoįvykio