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About Us

UAB Ferikas began operations in 1997. The company sells new and used truck and lorry parts. It also sells lorries, trucks, trailers and semi-trailers of all makes. We accept orders for commercial vehicles and their parts. We deliver bought goods via courier throughout Lithuania. By using the services of our partners at DHL, we can send parts to countries in Europe and beyond.


At our repair shop we carry out various work on commercial vehicles including general repairs, the repair of engines and gearboxes, the installation of hydraulic systems, fuel tanks etc. At our specialised service centre we perform repairs on commercial vehicles that have been involved in traffic accidents. Frames and cabins are aligned using certified Swedish ‘JOSAM’ equipment. We also perform preparation and colouring works.


We buy trucks and trailers with any kind of damage, pick up with our transport.

UAB Ferikas possesses licence No 001156 for the handling of hazardous waste. The licence was issued on November 7, 2017 and gives us the right to collect hazardous waste and deliver it to licensed final waste managers. This activity is performed on the company’s territory at Pakalnės g. 5B, Domeikava, Kaunas.


The handling of our company’s waste isn’t financed by state or other organisations. All of this work is carried out at our own costs.